During the work on the project for the geological interpretation of all vintage G&G data, as well as newly acquired broadband 2D high-resolution seismic data related to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands zones in order to study HC prospectivity in poorly studied areas of work, the following tasks were solved:

- processing of newly acquired 2D seismic data;
- interpretation of newly acquired 2D seismic data,
vintage 2D and 3D data;
- depth-density modeling based on integration of gravity &
magnetic data along with seismic data;
- analysis of Earth remote sensing data;
- identification of HC prospects along with an assessment of geological risks and ranking of HC prospects in terms of the discovery of HC deposits;
- recommendations for further geological exploration were given including: 3D seismic, gravity & magnetic survey, as well as geochemical, and also drilling of a parametric well.

During the implementation of the project, in February 2023, a field geological excursion was conducted within the study area (Andaman Islands) in order to study surface geological outcrops and take samples of rocks: oil source, reservoirs and seals. As a result of this excursion, it was noted that the study area has all the signs of a classical oil system, so the discovered Oligocene flysch deposits with organic remains of Eocene age can play the role of the reservoirs, and shales and heteroliths of the Andaman flysch – lithological screens.

Our specialists along with the Client`s representatives during the field excursion Andaman Islands.
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